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Pumpkin bread

  Fall is here and this is my first Pumpkin loaf I couldn't wait to make and eat, my favorite Fall cake but for almost one week I have asked about pumpkin availability, finely I found in the store. This year due to weather conditions, the harvest was slightly delayed. Pumpkin bread We're starting to feel more like fall here in Eagle ID, with red and yellow leaves falling in the backyard, and  each morning more  chill in the air. This year is a strange year for many things, we all know that. The Covid 19 is making everything hard to do. We are doing in different way all we usually did before.   I love the pumpkin, my Mom grow many pumpkins in our garden and I did lots of goodies with those like: Pumpkin gnocchi, Creamy pumpkin with pasta, Pumpkin soup, grilled pumpkin, baked pumpkin, but I never made the Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin Pure When I got here in Eagle, a friend taught me how to do it and I loved it. Now I make my own pumpkin bread and every morning I like to drink my coffee


UNRUH FURNITURE I'm so excited to show you this special Brand from Kansas City, for custom hand-made furniture build to your specifications. (I will be paid for any sales generated by my website) Breckenridge Table Since I started to work at our restaurant, I'm always very busy. I'm sharing a lot on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page, but is very long time I didn't share a new blog post. I'm trying the fastest way to show something new to each of you who likes my creations and my story. I feel very lucky person, because I'm living my dream, It's not simple but I'm taking my chance. Cooking and baking are my passions and my new job, but the architecture and the furniture, the design solutions are things I keep for ever in my mind and in my hands.  For years I worked with my husband to build some real and stunning family space. Yes, we are both Italian Architect! When I found in my email a few days ago the proposal of partnership with Unruh Furniture


GREAT SURPRISE! from Alignable Great News! You’re A Local Winner in Our SmallBiz Story Search, from #Alignable "Congrats! You’re a local winner in Phase 1 of Alignable’s WOW-Worthy SmallBiz Story Search! You’ll see a badge trumpeting this honor on your profile, declaring you as Eagle’s Best Small Business Storyteller!" These are the words of the e-mail that communicated this fantastic news to me. Click here. This is the post that Alignable has created for me. Only two years spent here in Eagle and I already feel so attached to the place to the people who support me and help me to stand the distance from my land and my children, while we try to realize our dream. Even all the family and friends in Italy, some of whom write to us every day, are giving us a very important support without which perhaps we would not be able to find the strength to continue. Nothing is easy to deal with, but determination can